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“MetaPWR Workout!" Now at Aimfit Brisbane Australia  https://www.aimfit.com.au Metafit is the original 30 minute metabolic workout. Introducing MetaPWR a HIIT workout with weights and is available now at Aimfit Australia. Find out the MetaPWR workout class times at  Metafit Brisbane Metafit™ “Hiit Zone” is at out now at Aimfit Brisbane Personal Training. Aimfit is a Qualified [...]


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“Hiit Zone” is the New Metafit workout!  https://www.aimfit.com.au “Hiit Zone” is the New Metafit™ workout for all you Metafit™ fitness addicts, so get ready. Here we go again with another effective fully body Metafit™ HIIT workout.  “Hiit Zone” is only 25 minutes of Metafit™ Hiit cardio exercise that will keep you burning fat for 24 [...]

Metafit Fight Night

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The New Metafit Fight Night - https://www.aimfit.com.au Metafit™ Fight Night - is the new Metafit workout routine. In the latest Metafit work it’s a compelling one. With explosive combos alternating different muscle groups but focusing on upper body, core and legs of course. The Metafit™ Fight Night changes dynamically throughout the 25 minutes HIIT workout.  This intense workout [...]


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6 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DO METAFIT! METAFIT™ IS AVAILABLE IN BRISBANE WHY DO METAFIT? #itworks #metafit #hiit #fitterfaster #foreveryone #burnfat #buildmuscle #feelgreat #loseweight aimfit.com.au 1. Get Fitter Faster - 2 weeks of high intensity interval training can improve aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training. 2. Great For Everyone - It [...]

Metafit Matterhorn

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The New Metafit™ Matterhorn Matrix - https://www.aimfit.com.au The New Metafit™ Matterhorn Matrix Fitness Workout is here at Metafit™ Brisbane! The Metafit™ Matterhorn Matrix for March looks easy and cool but I am sure is anything but that. With serious Squat Thrust Circles, Squat High Knees, Legs and Core movements plus more… It’s going to make your heart rate go [...]