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Metafit™ Review

Metafit Review

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What you need: Active gear, comfortable sport shoes, towel and a water bottle.
A light meal an hour before training such as (do one not all): Oats, Banana, Toast (Wholegrain bread) and Fruit and Yogurt

What is Metafit™?

Metafit™ is the ultimate Hiit workout, combining strength, flexibility and power to give you an all over body workout. Metafit™ fires your metabolism in a short amount of time making it the perfect workout for those who want the most out of their time and effort.

Metafit™ workouts are short, intense and effective in helping the body to burn unwanted fat. For no longer than 25 mins a workout, done 3 times a week you can build muscle and burn fat in your sleep. 

The Metafit™ workouts focus on correct form and technique so you can be sure you are always working in a safe effective manner, working the correct muscle groups without added risk.

With the Metafit™ workouts if you are not ready for the advanced moves then no worries. We can regress any moves to make it a more simple form to build your strength and fitness at a core level so when you are ready to progress you will smash out the big moves!

Metafit™ can be done in a group class or as a Personal Trainer session. Only Certified Personal Trainers who have done their Metafit™ Certification are allowed to conduct classes so you can be sure to get the most out of your Metafit™ class with knowledgeable and experienced Fitness Professionals. Group classes cost $10 with Aimfit Brisbane Personal Training and are a perfect introduction for anyone wanting to try a Hiit workout. Aimfit.com.au is an Australian Metafit™ Certified Trainer.

Anyone from the advanced fitness person to the beginners will benefit from the Metafit Hiit workout. Beginners will love seeing their cardiovascular fitness and strength build from week to week and trying out new challenging moves. While the more experienced fitness individual will love the big explosive challenging moves and completing the famous Metafit ‘finishers’ at the end of each track to really fire up that metabolism.

Metafit™ Review From A Beginner Perspective. 

The Metafit™ Class

Metafit™ it’s fast but not easy, at the same time I don’t want to discourage anyone wanting to try Metafit™. Any workout is hard work, but it’s like anything, what you put in is what you get back. The Metafit classes provide a number of different  combinations of exercise routines or super combos follow by interval breaks before going onto the next set of combos.

“During the workout you definitely will get your heart rate up ”

Even though it’s only a 25 minutes (at the most) the workout circuit begins with a gentle warm-up and 5 minutes to stretch and cool down, it is designed to burn maximum calories. During the workout you definitely will get your heart rate up with the different variety of fitness exercises it will hurt you, but you’ll be done in a few minutes. Is it hard? Well, it’s all bodyweight training however one thing that you have to focus on is your technique, rather than rushing through the routines. My moves were getting sloppy as I fatigued during the workout (as I peeling myself off the floor), lucky Gillian was there to correct me and reminded me that I am doing this to my limit and to concentrate on quality moves until I build up my fitness in Metafit™.

Metafit™ Classes

The exercises are instructed in a controlled environment by Gillian (Metafit™ instructor) and she modifies the exercises to suit your ability or flexibility IF need be, the lingo for this is called “regression”. I found this very helpful while I developed my strength performance and skill to an advanced level. Here we also identified my weak areas were I needed to focus on. By this time my body is reacting and responding well to the firepower of the rhythm of Metafit™.  

Every Metafit™ class is different, with different workouts and interval breaks, ranging from 5 seconds rest to 10 and 25 seconds to the killer ‘finishers’ with no rest at all. But all are designed to get the maximum results for you, build muscle and burn calories. The Metafit™ classes are always different and they always bring a new combination it’s never boring and one thing is for sure, you’ll never forget your first Metafit™ class.

The Results

Metafit™ will assist in delivering the results you desire and definitely will get you fit. Like with everything else, accompany with proper diet and commitment and you will reach your fitness goal.

For more information or if you would you like to try a Metafit™ class click here. 

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