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The New MetafitRED MIST

Metafit Red Mist – The name says it all! Introducing the high energy workout for life in the fast lane! Ever feel like you have too much to do… But so little time to get in a best workout? Want to perform at your best? Metafit™ Red Mist is the answer! The Red Mist workout is the Fat-Burning Firepower so this is the plan. If you want to burn calories for hours after your workout and increase your metabolism for days do a Metafit™ Classes. Aimfit has a wide variety of Metafit™ workouts that will suit each individual not matter what your fitness level is. Instructed by Gill a Certified Brisbane Personal Trainer and a Metafit™ Coach, this H.I.I.T circuit training it’s a great method to build your fitness training.

Don’t just go for a workout, instead, know exactly what the workout is and in this video will show you a preview of a taste of things to come from the Metafit™ Red Mist workout:

Metafit™ Red Mist Exercise:

  • Frog Jumps
  • 180 Floor to Sky Jumps (yay)
  • Squat High Knees
  • Single Arm Burpees

The New Metafit™ Workout for June (RED MIST) is out now! The guys at Metafit™ Australia delivered another prefect Metafit™ workout! With new moves to take your workout to the next level, this Metafit™ routine is going to be a treat.

We are Your Brisbane Personal Trainer, Your Metafit™ Trainer, Your MetaPWR Coach, Your HIIT partner, Your Support Group, Your Expert Metafit™ Personal Trainer! We got the fat burning recipe to help you with your transformation.

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