Hiit Zone” is the New Metafit workout!

“Hiit Zone” is the New Metafit workout for all you Metafit fitness addicts, so get ready.
Here we go again with another effective fully body Metafit HIIT workout.  “Hiit Zone” is only 25 minutes of Metafit Hiit cardio exercise that will keep you burning fat for 24 hours after the workout. So make sure you give it your best. The steps can be broken down into beginner, intermediate and for the advanced levels.  There are some new moves and some revamp new moves. You can adjust the moves as needed.  This “Metafit Hiit Zone” is a Body weight training and is mostly low impact training.

By doing the new MetafitHiit Zone” workout you’ll be burning fat and upping your cardiovascular endurance – it’s a win – win situation!

MetafitHiit Zone” is at out now at Aimfit Brisbane Personal Training. Aimfit is a Qualified Metafit™ Coach and Personal Trainer located and servicing Brisbane, Brisbane Northside.
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The Metafit™ Hiit Zone is now available at

Metafit can be done in a group class or as a Personal Trainer session. Only Certified Personal Trainers who have done their Metafit Certification are allowed to conduct MetafitClasses so you can be sure to get the most out of your Metafit Class with knowledgeable and experienced fitness professionals. Group classes cost $10 with Aimfit Brisbane Personal Training and are a perfect introduction for anyone wanting to try a hiit workout.

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