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FITNESS MYTH – sit ups or crunches will lead to a flatter stomach! NO, they won’t – stop wasting your time and ignore all the BS youtube/ facebook/ Instagram ‘so-called’ fitness experts.

The best exercises for a flatter stomach are NOT crunches, flutter kicks or some random bosu ball exercise!!!

If your goal is to lose weight one of the best exercises you can do is SPRINTS – flat out, no pacing!!

If you want to exercise safe and smarter, check out our website and find your local metafit coach/ class, I guarantee you’ll sprint a lot!!

P.S all exercises can be modified by our certified coaches to suit everyone, you simply work at your maximum intensity.

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The Metafit™ workouts are short, intense and effective in helping the body to burn unwanted fat. For no longer than 25 mins a workout, done 3 times a week you can build muscle and burn fat in your sleep.

With Metafit™ workouts if you are not ready for the advanced moves than no worries. We can regress andy move to make it a more simple form to build your strength and fitness at a core level so when you are ready to progress you will smash out the big moves!

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