Metafit Fight Night

The New Metafit Fight Night –

Metafit Fight Night – is the new Metafit workout routine. In the latest Metafit work it’s a compelling one. With explosive combos alternating different muscle groups but focusing on upper body, core and legs of course. The Metafit Fight Night changes dynamically throughout the 25 minutes HIIT workout.  This intense workout has a few new moves and it is great to see the Metafit™ brand can always bring something new to the table. Fight Night will certainly live up to the Metafit™ HIIT brand delivering a full body heart pumping workout with moves to suit all fitness levels. One thing is for sure, the guys from Metafit Australia… they make it look easy! But if it was easy everyone will be doing it.  METAFIT ‘FIGHT NIGHT’ #metafit #metafitfightnight #hiit #AimfitAustralia #Aimfit

The Metafit™ Fight Night now available at

Metafit can be done in a group class or as a Personal Trainer session. Only Certified Personal Trainers who have done their Metafit Certification are allowed to conduct MetafitClasses so you can be sure to get the most out of your Metafit Class with knowledgeable and experienced fitness professionals. Group classes cost $10 with Aimfit Brisbane Personal Training and are a perfect introduction for anyone wanting to try a hiit workout.

Anyone from the advanced fitness person to beginners will all benefit from the Metafit hiit workout. Beginners will love seeing their cardiovascular fitness and strength build from week to week and trying out new challenging moves. While the more experienced fitness individual will love the big explosive challenging moves and completing the famous metafit ‘finishers’ at the end of each track to really fire up that metabolism.

Metafit Fight Night consist of:

  • The Grapler
  • Hammer Blows
  • Muay Thai Knees
  • Left + Right Walk-out Press Ups
  • Travelling Squat Kicks
  • Bear Crawls
  • Sprint Punch
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