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The New MetafitChaos –

Metafit™ Chaos –  is the New Metafit™ Workout released by Metafit™ and out guys have done a great job on this new Metafit routine.  This is where life is, in the fast lane of Metafit™. There’s a number of new moves and always keeping the intensity high with activating and dialing up the HIIT.  Yes, we know. It hurts, but set your metabolism on FIRE.

The new MetafitChaos is just that and will leave you breathless and wondering what just happened!! It is just under 22 mins of pure HIIT that will burn fat and torch calories for hours to come. Legs are the main target of this new workout with the trademark Metafit™ core blitz and hidden surprises along the way. You don’t want to get left behind with this new rewarding workout. Contact the team at Aimfit today to find out when and where Metafit™ sessions are held and get that body sculpted for summer.

We are Your Personal Trainer, Your Metafit Trainer, Your MetaPWR Coach, Your HIIT partner, Your Support Group, Your Expert Metafit Personal Trainer! We got the fat burning recipe to help you with your transformation.

ONLY available to subscribing coaches like Aimfit. Metafit will never be a virtual or online workout. All our workouts are taught live by certified coaches. #metafit #hiit #keepithiit #matterhornmatrix #certifiedmetafitcoaches

The Metafit™ workouts are short, intense and effective in helping the body to burn unwanted fat. For no longer than 25 mins a workout, done 3 times a week you can build muscle and burn fat in your sleep.

With Metafit™ workouts if you are not ready for the advanced moves than no worries. We can regress andy move to make it a more simple form to build your strength and fitness at a core level so when you are ready to progress you will smash out the big moves!

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