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Metafit Fight Night

2017-08-17T11:21:13+00:00 Training Videos|

The New Metafit Fight Night - Metafit™ Fight Night - is the new Metafit workout routine. In the latest Metafit work it’s a compelling one. With explosive combos alternating different muscle groups but focusing on upper body, core and legs of course. The Metafit™ Fight Night changes dynamically throughout the 25 minutes HIIT workout.  This intense workout [...]

metafit power brisbane

2017-04-10T10:39:32+00:00 Fitness Offers, Training Videos|

MetaPWR Now In Brisbane The New Metafit Workout Meet Your Personal Trainer Gillian Now A Qualified MetaPWR Coach When Gillian (Personal Trainer from Aimfit) found out that Metafit™ was taking enrollments for the new HIIT course “Meta PWR” (PWR stands for “Power”) coming to Brisbane she took the opportunity to become a Qualified [...]

Metafit Matterhorn

2017-05-27T12:38:25+00:00 Training Videos|

The New Metafit™ Matterhorn Matrix - The New Metafit™ Matterhorn Matrix Fitness Workout is here at Metafit™ Brisbane! The Metafit™ Matterhorn Matrix for March looks easy and cool but I am sure is anything but that. With serious Squat Thrust Circles, Squat High Knees, Legs and Core movements plus more… It’s going to make your heart rate go [...]

Squat & Lunge Challenge Video

2016-10-13T13:30:22+00:00 Training Videos|

Squat & Lunge Challenge Brisbane - Welcome to the Squat and Lunge challenge Brisbane. In this video we’ll show you the correct technique for squatting and lunging. We’ll also give you different ideas and variations for your squats and lunges. You can complete the challenge Metafit™ style with just bodyweight and make the [...]

Metafit™ Mayhem is Here Now See Video

2016-10-13T13:30:22+00:00 Training Videos|

METAFIT™ MAYHEM WORKOUT IS HERE NOW! This is the New Metafit workout called "Metafit Mayhem" get ready for a new workout. This is a preview of taste of things to come and it will be available on Brisbane at Aimfit this June! ( ) or visit us on Facebook ( ) Metafit. Metafit Mayhem out [...]