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Who is Aimfit Personal Training?

Headquarters: (Aimfit,) Brisbane Northside | Contact Aimfit Personal Training: 22 Moylan Court, Bray Park, Brisbane, QLD
Ph: 0403 688 522 | Email: info@aimfit.com.au | www.aimfit.com.au

Aimfit is a Personal Training company based in Brisbane Northside, specializing in Metafit™ Training, HIIT, Fitness and Weight Training. It also offers leading edged workouts in a fun environment for customers of all fitness levels. We are passionate about fitness and fitness it’s part of life, this is why our company Aimfit was born.

In 2015 Aimfit Personal Training was launched by Gillian Melara who is a Certified Fitness Professional instructor and founder of Aimfit Personal Training in Brisbane. Aimfit provides Personal Training services in Brisbane for a wide range of different fitness levels. We provide some of the ultimate fitness programs such as Metafit™, Bodyweight Training and HIIT Training to suit a range of clients.

We also customise each fitness program to suit each client. Aimfit Personal Training understands that everyone is different and are at a different levels of fitness. Aimfit is also registered with Fitness Australia so you know we are a brand that you can trust. We help you to discover and design the new you.  Exercise is part of life it’s not a chore and we make it fun.

Our Aimfit Personal Trainers have many years of experience across the range of Fitness Training programs and can help you get back in shape.  Take control of your health, we are easy to get in contact as we are in Brisbane, if you can’t get to us, keep an eye out for one of our outdoor training session.

Explore our range of quality Fitness Programs and personalised Personal Training available for your convenience. Find all the services and prices that suit you, choose from our popular Group Training session or our Leading Metafit Training classes. Read more here.  

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“Get fit the easy way, I specialise in getting fit without the hassle of complicated machines and equipment. Learn to move your body and enrich your soul. Follow your excitement, help and make a positive healthy impact in others and have fun while you’re doing it.” ~Gillian

Aimfit Personal Trainer

Located in Brisbane city, Aimfit provides a fully qualified personal trainers and offers an extensive range of first-class individual Fitness Classes and Group fitness Classes in Brisbane. At Aimfit, you can count on us understanding what your fitness needs are, and what we need to do, to deliver results. We offer Personal Training session, if you prefer individual one on one focus. Our service include a health assessment & measurements and tailored workouts for fast optimum results. We track your fitness progress and we change it up as we need to. Having a dedicated expert in your corner it’s one of the best support and invaluable decision you could make. We take pride in providing a seamless customer experience, make the change no tomorrow but today.

Group Personal Training

If Metafit is not your thing, that’s ok we offer Group Personal Training sessions that are customize for weight loss and to get you fit. Again, meet people that shared the same gold as you get fit, get tone, call to find out more about our session times.

MetafitTM Brisbane

We specialised in MetaFit and we have a range of Metafit Classes in Brisbane. Metafit is the original 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that fires up your metabolism making your body burn fat in your sleep.  Metafit is fast, dynamic, effective and never boring. It is designed for beginners or for the advanced fitness person.

Metafit Group Classes

We also offer Metafit Group Classes, these are the best classes, the more people the merrier they are fun, cost effective and you get to meet liked minded people. Find out more about our Metafit classes times here!

This lady rocks she makes training fun i actually look forward to training with her Gillian takes the time to tailor training to suit your needs…..thank you happy twin.
Terry Cockburn, Facebook
Gill is awesome down to earth and really understand your needs!
Thank YOU Gill!!! Jaden
Jaden Wilson, Facebook
Gill is awesome down to earth and really understand your needs!
Thank YOU Gill!!! Jaden
Jaden Wilson, Facebook


Yes we do, our early starts begin at 5:30am and only by appointment at the moment. For any other times please get in touch with us. 
Yes we also do personal training for more information click here.
Yes we do, our early starts begin at 5:30am and only by appointment at the moment. For any other times please get in touch with us. 
Yes we do, apart from providing Metafit™ Training we also offer Personal Training session. The Personal Training sessions go for 30 Minutes. For appointments or for more information Click here.  
Yes with Metafit™ 30 minute high intensity bodyweight workout it gets results! It is a functional and effective workout that fires the body’s metabolism and with proper diet and commitment you can’t go wrong. Talk to us today. 
Metafit™  Training is a fast and effective new way  to set your metabolism on fire! it’s a 30 minute workout. Metafit™ is not a home workwout or available on dvd, it is a class taught live by Qualified Coaches. Created by a former Royal Marine Commando Metafit combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques.
Metafit™  is now available in Brisbane, for booking or to see out classes times click here.   
We make it easy and available for anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for a more healthy you. The Metafit™ Group Session is only $10.
Metafit™ Training is now in Brisbane. We offer Metafit™ Training services is on Brisbane Northside, Bray Park and Strathpine. Click here for location.
If you want to lose weight fast or you want to take your fitness to the next level then Metafit™ is your best option. We customize your Metafit™ fitness program to suit your level of fitness and gradually step it up.
We offer Metafit™ to beginners and advance individuals. We customize every program workout to suit each individual person, we know everyone is at a different fitness level.
It’s like anything, the more you do it, the more you get out of it but, effectively with proper diet and commitment you will see big changes within 12 weeks.